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A night to remember

17 Nov

Last week, my roommates, friends, and I completed the infamous Aggie Rink Dunk. This event has turned from celebratory fun to an almost “right of passage.” I had dreaded this event since arriving to Aggieland, but after making a pact with my friends, I knew there was no backing out. Our ring dunk, which we named Dunks Unlimited, turned out to be a hit.

Zapatos Facebook page

The location was key. We had our dunk at Zapatos Cantina on Northgate. Zapatos was a pleasure to work with. The owner and his staff were very friendly and catered to our needs. We served the famous “trashlid nachos” that everyone enjoyed. The outside patio was a perfect fit for all of our guest and, thankfully, the weather was nice.

Zapatos had plenty of tables and chairs, a stage, and an outside bar that we actually stood on for the dunking. They also had washers, which entertained a lot of the guys. It turned out really great and I think everyone had a great time.

Next time your at Northgate, head over to Zapatos for a drink on their patio. For more information, visit their Facebook page.


A timeless tradition

20 Sep

Friday was a memorable day for many Aggies. Friday was Ring Day. And Ring Day also means ring dunks!

Molly and Natalie before getting their rings.

Molly and Natalie before they got their rings.

My roommates were two of the thousands of students that received their long-awaited Aggie rings, and I was there to celebrate with them. I received my ring this past Spring and it was the first Ring Day I had been to. If you’ve never been to Ring Day at The Foundation, you should check it out. Sure, there are lots (and I mean LOTS) of people there and the weather may be hot and muggy, but to see all of the festivities is pretty fun.

Getting my ring

Molly putting on my ring.

Ring Day has performances by Fade-2-Black and The Aggie Wranglers. It’s the best of both worlds; F2B likes there hip-hop and the Wranglers like their country (or just Clint Black, that’s almost all they dance to). Ring Day also offers free sausage, a popular favorite for many poor/cheap college students.  I enjoy attending Ring Days to be there for my friends on such a special day.

Friday night was filled with ring dunks all around. Ring dunks are fun for almost everyone, except those actually dunking. Who doesn’t enjoy watching girls and guys drink a pitcher of beer as fast as possible and then immediately throwing it all up? And who really enjoys drinking a pitcher of beer, just to throw up in front of all your family and friends? Regardless, Aggies get their rings and can’t wait to drop them into their warm pitcher of beer. I’ve yet to dunk mine, but it will be happening in November. I’m looking forward to the gathering of my friends, but not to the actual dunking of my ring. But, I will follow “tradition” and do it like many other Aggies.

I like ring dunks because they’re simple. They get right to the point. They’re not a huge time commitment and you can attend many in one night. Some are more thought-out then others, but nonetheless, they’re all pretty entertaining.