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The Pride of College Station

6 Dec

Yes, I saved the best for last. You’ve probably wondered why I haven’t written a blog about this place already, but I’ve saving it for the end. If you go to one bar in College Station, make it the Dixie Chicken. The Chicken is hands-down the most popular bar in College Station.

The Dixie Chicken serves the most beer per square foot of any bar in the U.S., which says a lot for College Station, Texas, the bar capital of the world (most per capita). The Dixie Chicken is known for it’s beer, dominos, and hamburgers. While you’re there, go look at the rattlesnack behind the pool tables.

If you plan on going, be aware that the Chicken only serves beer and sangria (for alcoholic drinks). Also, the Chicken is always crowded, especially before, during, and after home football games. If you are lucky enough to find an empty table, hold on to it.

The Dixie Chicken’s rustic feel really makes the atmosphere. Even if you don’t like to drink, I would still suggest going to the Chicken just to look around. The food is all pretty good; the hamburgers are great. The Dixie Chicken has been around forever and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Go to www.dixiechicken.com, to get more information and visit the online store.

God bless and Merry Christmas!


Shipwreck Grill

5 Dec

I love raw oysters. I eat them during months that end in “r” and I eat them every other month as well. Shipwreck Grill in Bryan has 50 cent oysters on Mondays along with good drink specials.

Shipwreck Grill has good seafood too. I’ve always had quick service at Shipwreck. Good food, good drinks, good service, means a good time. To view their menu and specials, go to their website at www.shipwreckbcs.com.

Messina Hof

5 Dec

At the top of my favorite restaurants list is Messina Hof. Cade took me to Messina Hof for Valentine’s Day this past year and it was absolutely amazing. Messina Hof, located off of Highway 21, is a winery/restaurant/b&b.

Messina Hof is most known for its wines (not suprising). What is suprising, though, is the vast number of different wines they produce. My favorites are the Angel Riesling and the Gewurztraminer, which I still cannot pronounce correctly. Most of their wines are very reasonably priced, especially for the quality that you get.

The restaurant at Messina Hoff, like I said earlier, is very good. It’s very pricey (expect to spend about $100 for two people if you both drink wine), but well worth it. I’ve only been twice, but both times were great. The setting is very romantic, making it a wonderful place to go for a special night.

Messina Hoff also has tours and tastings that I’ve heard good things about. They have even opened a Wine Bar for those just interested in have a glass of wine. Tastings can be done at the Wine Bar as well. For more information about hours, menus, etc, visit their website at www.messinahof.com.

The Corner Bar and Grill

3 Dec

One of the premiere views in College Station is on the third floor of The Corner. You can see all of Northgate and a lot of campus.

The Corner Bar and Grill offers good food and drinks. The last time I went, I had a hamburger that was delicious. They also have good beer specials during happy hour. They have big TV’s that are usually showing some sort of sport.

The Corner has 3 floors, with the top floor being the rooftop. If the weather’s nice, this is the best place to go. Each floor has a bar and bathrooms, which is really convenient. The Corner plays a mixture of music to satisify everyone’s tastes.

The next time you go to Northgate, make sure to stop by The Corner. To see a menu and drink specials, visit www.cornerbcs.com.


22 Nov

I’m a big fan of Abuelo’s and an even bigger fan of their Sangria Swirl margaritas. There is no better time to have one of these awesome margaritas than during their happy hour. Happy hour is Sunday through Friday from 4-7 (not quite sure about the starting time, but I know it ends at 7).

During their happy hour, they run specials on their drink and have special appetizer-like foods for a reduced price.If you’re planning on getting their happy hour specials, you must sit in the bar area of the restaurant though. That’s very important! If you want more information about hours, location, and the menu, here’s their website www.abuelos.com.

Los Cucos

28 Oct

Sorry that I’ve been out-of-touch for the past week and half. It’s been a busy past couple of weeks and I just haven’t had the chance to get on here.

For my birthday last week, my friends and I went to eat at Los Cucos, a Mexican restaurant in College Station. On Mondays and Tuesdays, they have $2 margaritas, which are very good. We sat on the patio, drank margaritas, and ate delicious Mexican food.

My favorite item on the menu is the chicken stuffed avocado. It’s great, along with their tortilla soup. Everything else I’ve tried is also really good. And the $2 margaritas…need I say more.

Although this is a great restaurant, I DO NOT suggest telling the manager it’s your birthday. I experienced one of weirdest birthday song/celebration in my life at Los Cucos. The wait staff came out and sang to me, while the manager covered my eyes and covered my mouth and surrounding area with whipped cream from the complimentary sopapilla. It was weird and a little uncalled for. So that is my warning to anyone going their for your birthday.

Los Cucos for birthday=not so fun

Other than that though, I do recommend going to Los Cucos for their great food and good margaritas.

La Bodega

17 Oct

Eating is one of my favorite forms of entertainment…don’t judge, I’m not the only one. Unique restaurants are some of my favorite places to go. In College Station, La Bodega is one of those different restaurants.


Located behind Northgate, La Bodega serves as great place for people to enjoy a drink after work or class. The restaurant and bar is known for their fresh fish tacos. It’s not your standard Mexican tacos, they’re very “baja” and are very refreshing.

Shakers, a margarita-type drink served in a, well…shaker, are very popular. If you go before 7pm, shakers are $6.50. They have lots of different flavors and they’re pretty stout. I definitely recommend getting one for yourself or better yet, splitting one with a friend.

La Bodega also has live entertainment on certain nights. They’re outside patio is great for relaxing and people-watching. Parking can be hard to find though, so be prepared. Also, if you’re going with a large party, I would suggest making reservations.

To see a menu and check-out drink specials go to their website at www.bodegatacos.com.

Yummy to my tummy!

5 Oct

If you’re looking to get out of the house for a little while or maybe a short study break, you should go to Red Mango. It’s a frozen yogurt place located in The Lofts on Holleman. You pick your favorite yogurts and top with all sorts of fresh fruit and candy pieces. You pay by the ounce, so you can spend as little, or if you’re like me, as much as you want. My biggest problem with Red Mango is deciding what to put on my yogurt, because everything looks so good!

I suggest getting a Red Mango card, if you don’t already have one. Once you go online and register your card, you receive $5 deals after racking up points. It pays off if you’re an avid goer like myself. After you get your yogurt (or smoothie, because they’re great too), you and your friends can enjoy the treats inside or go sit outside under colorful umbrellas. It’s the perfect time to catch up with friends or just to take some time to relax.

The only downfall is parking can be hard to find. There aren’t very many spots available in front of Red Mango, so you may have to park across the street at Wolfpen Creek’s parking lot. But don’t let the parking scare you, Red Mango is definitely worth it! Check out today’s flavors.

Logan’s on Campus

4 Oct
Logan's on campus

Found on Logan's Facebook page

Saturday night, Cade and I met up with some friends on Northgate. After having a drink at Mad Hatter’s, we ended our night at Logan’s. Logan’s is a 21 and over sports bar, so it’s less crowded than some of the other bars on Northgate. I’m a big fan of getting a seat, so I like going to bars that aren’t filled with people, half of which can’t legally drink anyways. I’ve never been in Logan’s when we couldn’t find a table.

Logan’s is known for their “Unicorn Shot,” that can also be made into a drink. I suggest trying it if you like sweet drinks. Another good reason for going to Logan’s is their popcorn machine. They have free popcorn! It’s great…end of story. I love having something to munch on while having a drink and talking with friends. I’ve even seen people (not me!) put a bag of popcorn in their purse to save for later.

Logan’s serves food for lunch and dinner. I’ve never tried their food, but it looks like they have great specials. If you like rock music, you’ll like Logan’s. They play a variety of music, but most of it is rock, or something like it. Sometimes the music can get loud, so it may be hard to talk, without screaming to the person next to you. But, the large TVs give you something to watch when it’s too loud to talk. Even with the loud music, I enjoy going to Logan’s for their signature drink and snacking opportunities. Check out their specials on their Facebook page.

To sing or not to sing

14 Sep

Last night, my friends and I decided to go to karaoke night at The Tap. It wasn’t our first time, nor will it be our last. My friends and I thoroughly enjoy watching the few good singers and laughing at the many bad ones. As you may have figured out from my first post, I have a fear of embarrassing myself in public, so getting on stage to show everyone my singing skills, or lack thereof,was not an option for me. But, I have no objection to sitting back and watching (or more like laughing) as singer after singer take the mic and give performances that may not be “Idol” worthy, but entertaining none the less. I give them credit though, at least they have the courage to get on the stage; its more then I can say for myself.

The Tap is a bar on Harvey Rd. that is known for its Monday night karaoke and Piano Bar on Wednesdays. During football season, it has Football Bingo on Mondays before karaoke. The Tap also serves food, which I’ve had a time or two, and it’s always been good. I like munching on fried pickles as I listen to the countless performers. They have pretty good drink specials, at least until 12. They also have a shot/drink (whichever you prefer) called “The Smoothie” that my friends love to get. If you want something sweet, you should try it.

I must warn you though, karaoke can get pretty packed later on in the night. I would suggest getting there right before 10 to beat the cover charge and have a good chance at getting a table. The crowd wasn’t bad last night, although I did leave a little early (dang 8 o’clock class), but I have been there when the crowd was almost unbearable. That shouldn’t deter you from checking it out though. Regardless if you’re singing or spectating, karaoke night at The Tap is worth checking out.

For more information about events, drink specials, and the menu, visit www.tapbcs.com.