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17 Nov

I am a wheenie. I am not ashamed to admit this. I’m not an adrenaline junkie; I find a good movie or shopping just as entertaining. While playing paintball may sound fun to me for a split second, I know I would dread it after the first minute of play. I would probably spend more time hiding behind trees and other things for fear of getting hit, then actually enjoying the game. And I just know that if I were to get hit, it would hurt and again, I would be a wheenie about it. So it’s probably best that I do not take part.

For many people though, paintball is a lot of fun. And for those people, there’s a new paintball course in town. Zoomz is located off of Roans Chapel Rd, in the BCS area. They have 4 different courses to choose from. Course description and directions can be found on their website www.zoomzpb.com.

Since I don’t know much about paintball, I don’t know how to compare their prices. You can purchase an all-day pass for $15, which is good for people who have all of their own gear. They also have package deals that includes gun rentals and paint. I did see that paint cannot be brought into the park and must be purchased there. Zoomz looks to be a great place to go play paintball, if you’re interested.