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Drive a bit for a Drive-In

28 Nov

If you’re wanting to see a movie, but are tired of the same-ole theater, maybe you should think about going to a drive-in theater. Growing up, I was interested in drive-ins, but there were none nearby (besides the XXX Apache in Tyler that I wasn’t allowed to go to, of course). When I found out that there was a drive-in within an hour from College Station, I had to go.

The Showboat Drive-In is located in Hockley, Texas, about 5 minutes off of Highway 290. They have 2 screens that each show 2 movies every weekend. The first movies start at dusk. They have a concession stand to get popcorn and a playground for children. If your battery goes dead, dont worry, they have a truck just to jump people off.

I really enjoyed going to the drive-in. Watching a movie from your car is such a fun experience, it’s a shame that it’s almost extinct. The only problem with going to The Showboat is staying awake for the drive home. If you want to find out what movies are playing and get directions, visit their website www.showboatdrivein.com.