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No Diggity!

4 Oct

Since I’ve already written about singing karaoke, I found this video to be pretty relevant. Jerrod Johnson, Texas A&M’s quarterback, isn’t afraid to get up on stage and belt it out. I had no idea that our quarterback could not only throw a football, but sing as well. This video even caught the eye of those at fitperez.com and they were….well, impressed. Good job Jerrod!


To sing or not to sing

14 Sep

Last night, my friends and I decided to go to karaoke night at The Tap. It wasn’t our first time, nor will it be our last. My friends and I thoroughly enjoy watching the few good singers and laughing at the many bad ones. As you may have figured out from my first post, I have a fear of embarrassing myself in public, so getting on stage to show everyone my singing skills, or lack thereof,was not an option for me. But, I have no objection to sitting back and watching (or more like laughing) as singer after singer take the mic and give performances that may not be “Idol” worthy, but entertaining none the less. I give them credit though, at least they have the courage to get on the stage; its more then I can say for myself.

The Tap is a bar on Harvey Rd. that is known for its Monday night karaoke and Piano Bar on Wednesdays. During football season, it has Football Bingo on Mondays before karaoke. The Tap also serves food, which I’ve had a time or two, and it’s always been good. I like munching on fried pickles as I listen to the countless performers. They have pretty good drink specials, at least until 12. They also have a shot/drink (whichever you prefer) called “The Smoothie” that my friends love to get. If you want something sweet, you should try it.

I must warn you though, karaoke can get pretty packed later on in the night. I would suggest getting there right before 10 to beat the cover charge and have a good chance at getting a table. The crowd wasn’t bad last night, although I did leave a little early (dang 8 o’clock class), but I have been there when the crowd was almost unbearable. That shouldn’t deter you from checking it out though. Regardless if you’re singing or spectating, karaoke night at The Tap is worth checking out.

For more information about events, drink specials, and the menu, visit www.tapbcs.com.