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No Diggity!

4 Oct

Since I’ve already written about singing karaoke, I found this video to be pretty relevant. Jerrod Johnson, Texas A&M’s quarterback, isn’t afraid to get up on stage and belt it out. I had no idea that our quarterback could not only throw a football, but sing as well. This video even caught the eye of those at fitperez.com and they were….well, impressed. Good job Jerrod!


Friday night lights

4 Oct

On Friday, some friends and I drove to Jacksonville, Texas to watch my hometown, Marshall, play football at the Tomato Bowl. Yes, I’m that college student that still goes to high school sporting events. In my defense though, I do have a younger sister that is a cheerleader, so most of my time is spent watching the sidelines. The game was a good one, but sadly, it ended almost exactly like the Aggie game against OSU on Thursday. Even though we lost, it was fun watching high school football again. The atmosphere makes for a great time.

For you’re enjoyment, here’s some footage from the Marshall vs. Longview game this past year. We are big rivals and it was our 100th time to play each other. Things got a little heated!

I’m not suggesting that you drive 2 hours to watch a high school game, like we did. But, there are a couple high schools in the area, like A&M Consolidated, Bryan High, and Rudder, that you could go to. They can be a lot of fun! And, they are usually over with by 10:30, so you still have the rest of the night to go out. Go support some of our local football teams and enjoy the Friday night lights.

So it all begins…

8 Sep

Howdy! Well, today I will begin my first of many blogs about entertainment, particularly entertainment in the Bryan and College Station, Texas area. Entertainment encompasses a variety of things from bars to concerts to recreational activities, all of which I hope to cover over the weeks. I’ll be doing a lot things that I enjoy, and probably some things that I don’t. I’ll be open to suggestions from friends, classmates, or anyone else that knows of some good entertainment.

I’ll start off my first blog with something that every A&M student has probably done at some point during their college years, attend an Aggie football game. This past saturday, I watched the Aggies stomp Stephen F. Austin. Though the game was slow to get started, it soon picked up the pace and ended up being an enjoyable game. It was the first game of the season, and the students came out in droves. We were crammed in the stands like sardines, and some smelled like them too … trust me, if you were in my seats, you would say the same. We stood together, we yelled together, we sweated together, and we celebrated victory together. Aggie games are always entertaining, even if you’re not a student here. The crowd, the yell-leaders, the band, they all make the game worthwhile, win or lose.

Speaking of the band, I’ve included a video of one of their 2009 performances from youtube. The Fighting Texas Aggie Band is one of the best in the nation and usually the highlight of the football games.

Saturday’s game also helped me on a personal level. I’ve always had this irrational fear of seeing myself on the Jumbotron. I get nervous when they scan the crowds, zooming in on the red-ass aggies in overalls, the couple getting a kiss after we score, and the cute kids holding up a Gig’em. I get nervous that those cameramen will catch me off-guard, probably picking my nose or something else embarrassing (which I don’t do … in public). But, I’m happy to say that Saturday, I successfully conquered my Jumbotron fears. Those sneaky cameramen zoomed over me, and to my surprise, I looked like a normal student. No embarrassing moments, no awkward “what do I do with my hands,” just me being me. Thanks Aggie football!

Well, it’s time for me to wrap-up my first blog. In conclusion, I would like to suggest to anyone that gets a chance, go see an Aggie football game. You won’t regret it. To find out more information about purchasing tickets, visit http://www.12thmanfoundation.com/tickets/ticketbox.asp.