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A night to remember

17 Nov

Last week, my roommates, friends, and I completed the infamous Aggie Rink Dunk. This event has turned from celebratory fun to an almost “right of passage.” I had dreaded this event since arriving to Aggieland, but after making a pact with my friends, I knew there was no backing out. Our ring dunk, which we named Dunks Unlimited, turned out to be a hit.

Zapatos Facebook page

The location was key. We had our dunk at Zapatos Cantina on Northgate. Zapatos was a pleasure to work with. The owner and his staff were very friendly and catered to our needs. We served the famous “trashlid nachos” that everyone enjoyed. The outside patio was a perfect fit for all of our guest and, thankfully, the weather was nice.

Zapatos had plenty of tables and chairs, a stage, and an outside bar that we actually stood on for the dunking. They also had washers, which entertained a lot of the guys. It turned out really great and I think everyone had a great time.

Next time your at Northgate, head over to Zapatos for a drink on their patio. For more information, visit their Facebook page.