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6 Dec

Entertainment can take on many different forms. One is photography. Whether you like taking pictures or being in pictures, it’s always a lot of fun.

Students often forget about traveling to Reagan, Texas (about a 45 minute drive) to take a picture by the Aggie barn. The class years change each year. The barn makes for really good pictures, if you’re willing to drive a little ways.

So before you graduate, head to Reagan and get a really good keepsake, you’re parents will appreciate the picture, trust me.


Get dirty

5 Dec

Soggy Bottom ATV Ranch is a place to take your dirtbike, four-wheeler, or truck to get a little muddy. It’s located right off of Highway 21 going towards Madisonville. Soggy Bottom offers a an 85-acre private lake, 3 miles along the Navasota River, lots of mud holes and some climb hills.

Soggy Bottom monthly truck races

If you like to camp, you can do that at Soggy Bottom too. It’s free for primitive tent camping and $20 for water/electric sites for campers and RV’s. Admission into the ranch is $5 per person per day and $15 per ATV. If you make an entire weekend of it, Sunday is free. Snacks and drinks are also available.

For more information about Soggy Bottom ATV Ranch, go to

Drive a bit for a Drive-In

28 Nov

If you’re wanting to see a movie, but are tired of the same-ole theater, maybe you should think about going to a drive-in theater. Growing up, I was interested in drive-ins, but there were none nearby (besides the XXX Apache in Tyler that I wasn’t allowed to go to, of course). When I found out that there was a drive-in within an hour from College Station, I had to go.

The Showboat Drive-In is located in Hockley, Texas, about 5 minutes off of Highway 290. They have 2 screens that each show 2 movies every weekend. The first movies start at dusk. They have a concession stand to get popcorn and a playground for children. If your battery goes dead, dont worry, they have a truck just to jump people off.

I really enjoyed going to the drive-in. Watching a movie from your car is such a fun experience, it’s a shame that it’s almost extinct. The only problem with going to The Showboat is staying awake for the drive home. If you want to find out what movies are playing and get directions, visit their website

A lot to be thankful for

26 Nov

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was filled with good food, lots of family, and an awesome football game. Aggies and Longhorns around the country tuned in for the hyped-up rivalry game. The Longhorns were fighting for bowl elegibility, the Aggies to preserve their confidence and continue their winning streak.  

The Aggies came up on top 24-17 in a hard-fought battle. The Aggies proved, yet again, that they are a force (especially the Wrecking Crew) to be dealt with. Now we wait to see what bowl we’ll be going to. Hopefully, we’ll continue our streak through one more game.

On Thanksgiving, I have so much to be thankful for… my faith, my family, my friends, and  being an Aggie!

A Texas Christmas Tradition

21 Nov

My favorite time of the year is Christmas and all the festivities that surround it. I love the decorated trees, lights, carols, peppermints, and sugar cookies. It’s definitely hereditary; I grew-up in a household with multiple Christmas trees (we had 6 one year).

With my fondness for this time of year, it isn’t surprising that my family and I went to Santa’s Wonderland on opening night. Santa’s Wonderland is a drive-through path covered in Christmas lights. There are multiple lit-up scenes, all of which are great.

To go along with the lights, there is lovely Christmas music on a designated radio station. You can also visit Santa town to get food, listen to music, or do some shopping.

It costs $25 a car to drive through the lights. Admission to get into Santa town is $10 a person. You can even take a hayride or horse and carriage through the lights. Visit to buy tickets and find out more information.


9 Nov

If you’re looking for a website that has entertainment in the BCS, including dining and drink specials and band venues, you’re in luck. Visit the growing website to get the latest updates about what’s going on around town.

They have a newsletter you can subscribe to and radio channel to listen to different types of music. It’s basically a snazzy nightlife directory, and it’s definitely a site worth checking out.

An Eyeful on Halloween

2 Nov

Saturday night after the football game, my friends and I decided to head to Northgate to get a glimpse of the evening festivities. I had no intention of dressing up; it’s just not my thing, but it’s fun for many others. Just because I don’t dress up, doesn’t mean that everyone else on Northgate doesn’t, lucky for us. Our main reason for going out Saturday night was just to look at costumes.

Want to talk about entertainment? Northgate on the Saturday before Halloween is some of the best around. I could care less about drinking or bar-hopping, I just wanted to get to a place where I could watch (and laugh) at the variety of costumes out and about. There were clever ones, funny ones, boring ones, and a lot of trashy ones. You name it, I probably saw it on Northage.

For someone wanting to have a low-key night and drink a couple of beers, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go to Northgate on the Saturday of Halloween. It was crowded beyond belief. Logan’s was one-in-one-out by 11:30 (I know this because this is the patio we chose for optimal costume viewing). Every bar we passed on our way back to our car was packed to the brim. But for someone he is an avid people-watcher, like myself, Halloween is the time to do it. You never know what you’ll see.

Time to relax

17 Oct

One of my favorite things to do when I have a little extra time is getting a manicure. It usually takes less than 30 minutes, but gives me the relaxation needed to get me through a couple of days. I always go to Super Nails, which is on Texas Ave. in the Hobby Lobby shopping center.

I like this nail place because it’s very clean! Each set of nail tools come in their own package, so they’re always sanitized. The vast size and number of employees of Super Nails allows for very little wait time.

Super Nails has a good selection of nail polishes, another important factor. Manicures are around $11, and with a coupon, you can get a manicure and pedicure for $25. This is a good deal.

For many people, a manicure isn’t something out of the ordinary. But for me, it’s a couple minutes out of my week that I can just relax and enjoy myself without worrying about my long to-do list.

A little bit of everything

17 Oct

If you’re looking for something to do on a Sunday afternoon, you should go out to Jockey Flea Market. Located off of Highway 6 going towards Navasota, Jockey has a variety of people selling a variety of things.

You can find everything from animals to washing and drying machines. You never know what you’ll find. Though I haven’t actually bought anything, it’s fun to go out there and take a look around.

The best time to go is early Sunday morning to 2ish in the afternoon. This time has the optimal amount of sellers. Check out Jockey Flea Market, one man’s trash (per se) is another man’s treasure.

On the ice

11 Oct

Since I’m not in College Station this week (I’m interning in Dallas), I’ve decided to different students and residents of the BCS area what they like to do for entertainment. Lindsay Garrett, a fellow Ag Comm major, enjoys going to the Arctic Wolf Ice Center.

She likes how the rink “has a lot of different ways to enjoy the ice.” There’s broomball nights, hockey games on the weekends, and just plain ice skating. It’s fun to do something different other than going to dinner and a movie. Whether you go with friends or on a date, ice skating is fun for all ages.

I’m really glad that Lindsay mentioned ice skating, because that’s something I personally will not be going to do. I’ve had some pretty bad experiences with it. The last time I went ice skating was with Cade for a Ross Volunteer date party…and it ended with me falling and bruising my tailbone. Let’s just say that Cade never heard the end of it. I’m not good at ice skating, nor will I take the time to get good at it.

BUT, many people do enjoy it and that’s great. Lucky for them, we do have Arctic Wolf Ice Center in town. It offers ice skating lessons, hockey leagues, and figure skating. Each day is filled with lots of different activities going on at the rink. It’s located at 400 Holleman Drive.

If you’re interested in finding out more information, go to