Take me out to the ballpark

5 Dec

Natalie and I were talking the other day about our favorite A&M events to attend. Her’s are baseball games. This was no big surprise to me, since she is a Diamond Darling. But, baseball games mean more to her than just an organization.

“Baseball games are so upbeat,” Natalie said. “They have their own traditions that make going to a game a unique experience. They’re always something or somebody to watch.”

When I asked her why the student body and members of the community should support the baseball team, she had a good answer. “It benefits everyone. The baseball players feed of the fans’ energy, making it an exciting game. The fans get to watch America’s sport being played by the best student athletes in the country.”

Natalie said what better way to show your Aggie Spirit this Spring, than to support the Aggie baseball team. It takes everyone, the baseball players, the workers, Diamond Darlings, and especially the fans, to make a good game great.

I can vouch for Natalie that Aggie baseball games are one of the best forms of entertainment in town. When Spring rolls around, grab your ball cap, get you a hot dog, and enjoy an Aggie baseball game.

To view the roster, schedule, and other baseball news, visitwww.aggieathletics.com.


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